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Float Box Smoky Lake pans, float box and thermometer

Inlet Float Box

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These premium, mirror finish stainless steel float boxes regulate sap levels in your pan.


  • Float
  • Float Box
  • Sap Level Micro-Adjuster
  • Connection Fittings to fit any standard Smoky Lake Maple Products pans.

This will determine how the float box attaches to the pan.

When facing the front of your evaporator, will your Float Box be attached on the right side or the left?


Smoky Lake’s 22 gauge, mirror finish stainless steel float box monitors sap levels in your flue pan and keeps them constant. They can be mounted on any Smoky Lake pan (Raised Flue, Drop Flue, Hybrid or Flat Pans) and they come with all the applicable fittings you will need for hook up. The float box’s regulator contains five major depth settings as well as a micro adjustment for precise fine tuning. The float itself is balanced and steady. No sloppy bouncing or wobbling! Outstanding craftsmanship. Made in America.

Smoky Lake Hybrid Pans have a built-in hanger from which you can hang the float box. Whereas float boxes for Flat/Continuous Flow pans are designed to hang onto the rim of the pan. For a custom fit float box/fittings, please contact us for a quote.

Optional Upgrade: Add Deluxe Sight Glass

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3 reviews for Inlet Float Box

  1. David Koch, Holland, NY

    Just got a float box. AMAZING! I should have gotten one to start out with. Thanks!

  2. William E, North Franklin, CT

    Hi Jim, I received my float box on Saturday afternoon and it is amazing! I put it to use within an hour and bottled 2 1/2 gallons of syrup yesterday afternoon. I will post pics and a review on Facebook soon. My wife says I’m like a kid with a new toy…she’s not wrong!

    Thanks for the awesome craftsmanship and quick delivery.

  3. Chad Knisely

    I’m impressed with the quality and craftsmanship of this float box. I wish I had bought one last season, worth every penny. I installed the float box on a 2′ x 3′ Hybrid Pro pan. The self-regulating feed rate and consistent sap level maintained by the float box greatly improved the syrup making process. I highly recommend this float box.

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