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Stainless Steel Stack Pipe


Mirror finish stainless steel stack pipe, grade 304. This pipe offers over 10 times the service life of a galvanized smoke stack and meets the food grade requirements for steam stack. 

Sold in 2′ sections.

These pipes come standard as male on one end, female on the other for ease in connecting as many as you need.

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General Guidelines for Determining Smoke Stack Diameter Size:

  • 8″ Stack Pipe – Good size for conventional 2′ wide evaporators
  • 10″ Stack Pipe – Good for use with Smoky Lake’s 2′ wide, high output pan sets OR with a conventional 3′ wide evaporator
  • 12″ Stack Pipe – Good for use with 3′ or wider evaporator.

If you need a size that is different from what is sold on this page, please contact us for a quote. We are happy to make custom sizes to fit your needs.

Calculating Total Height:

Each time you join two sections together, keep in mind that you will loose 2″ of total height because of the way the sections inter-lock together. For example, after joining two 2-foot sections, the total height ends up being 3’10” (4 feet – 2 inches).

Removing the Protective Vinyl From the Stack Pipe:

If your stainless stack pipe is shipped with a protective vinyl and/or a caution sticker on it, you MUST remove them BEFORE use. Failing to do so will result in the vinyl/sticker charring to the stainless steel, resulting in a loss of the metal’s inherent beauty.

It is easiest to remove the protective vinyl in a warm room. It will not peel off as easily in very cold temperatures.

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