Oh no! Is the anticipation killing you? We do appreciate your excitement! Please know that we are just as excited to fulfill our order as you are to receive it. We are doing our best to serve you.

Things to Consider BEFORE Canceling:

More than once over the years, we have had a customer cancel their order, only to regret their decision a short time later. Please consider the following points BEFORE you make your final decision. If this article can prevent any unnecessary regret, then it has done its job!

    1. YOU ARE IN A GREAT POSITION: If you already have an order in our system, that means you are currently in a much more favorable position than someone who is just placing their order today! Behind the scenes, our production is always moving right along as swiftly as can be expected and your order is always moving closer to completion. Please understand that if you cancel your order, we cannot continue reserving your place in the queue. Canceling means you will need to forfeit your position to someone else.
    2. DEPOSIT VS FULL PAYMENT: If money is a concern, you may call us at any time and request to reduce your payment to a 20% deposit rather than a full payment. This will keep your order in process while also freeing up some of your funds. Then, we can reach back out to you for the balance when your equipment is ready to ship. No problem.
    3. DISCOUNTS AND EARLY BIRD PRICING: If you had locked in lower pricing at the time of ordering, we cannot guarantee the same pricing today or in the future. See website for current pricing.
    4. RESEARCH YOUR ALTERNATIVES: As your partner in maple, we recommend having your “Plan B” in place, BEFORE you cancel your order. Also, never sell your old equipment before having your new equipment in hand. Lead times are NOT unique to Smoky Lake. Making the sacrifice to go with an alternate manufacturer will NOT necessarily shorten your lead times.
    5. OTHER OPTIONS: Sometimes, certain customizations can increase lead times. You may also want to give us a shout and see if there is an alternative configuration that could help speed up your order.
    6. SHIPPING VS PICK UP: In some cases, you may be able to acquire your freight deliveries sooner if you opt pick up at our headquarters in Hilbert, Wisconsin. Our freight orders most often travel with a white glove carrier to ensure safest transport and the best experience for our customers. However, our white glove carriers sometimes experience back log too. If picking up your freight at Smoky Lake Headquarters, please contact us to schedule a pick up time. As a bonus, many freight products offer a pick up discount, which can be applied to your original payment method at the time of pick up.

Bottom Line:

As long as your order isn’t a custom/made-to-order product, we haven’t already invested in special-order parts, and your order hasn’t shipped, you do have the option to either cancel OR modify your order. Please understand that when we are dealing with large or complex orders, we are unable to refund deposits.

Please call us during business hours at (920) 202-4500 or contact us through email. We are here for you and we certainly will do all we can to help you. Thank you.