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When to Draw Off Syrup (Using 0–50 Thermometers)

October 1, 2018

Maple syrup finishes at 7ºF above the temperature of boiling water. The temperature of boiling water will change based on your altitude and current barometric pressure. Because of this, it is recommended to calibrate your thermometer in boiling water at the beginning of each session. Use your thermometer to monitor your progress while boiling. Unfortunately, you can not necessarily consistently rely solely on a thermometer to produce perfect density syrup. It’s just a great and convenient tool for monitoring syrup while boiling.

As you get close to finished syrup, verify your syrup’s density with a Hydrometer and Murphy Cup. (REMINDER: Hydrometers are fragile. Never drop your hydrometer into the cup because it could collide with the bottom of the cup. Gently place the hydrometer all the way in the cup.)

When operating a Divided Pan, in theory, you will be drawing off syrup at the “7” mark and then closing the valve when temperature dips back below the “7”. Again, the reading on your thermometer can fluctuate with changes in barometric pressure. So be sure to verify your density with Hydrometer and Murphy Cup. You may need to adjust the number at which you draw off. It is normal for the temperature to climb a little while you first start to draw off. When the temperature drops below the bold “7” on your thermometer, gently close the draw-off valve. The sap that remains in your evaporator pan needs to continue boiling.

Instruction sheet

This video was filmed LIVE on Facebook on March 22, 2020. In this video, we draw off syrup on a Dauntless Divided Pan. We also discuss tips and tricks for sap collection. Throughout the video, we answered questions from our live audience on Facebook.


Posted by Smoky Lake Maple Products on Sunday, March 22, 2020

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