When to Draw Off Syrup (Using 0–50 Thermometers)

Maple syrup finishes at 7ºF above the temperature of boiling water. The temperature of boiling water will change based on your altitude and current barometric pressure. Because of this, it is recommended to calibrate your thermometer in boiling water at the beginning of each day. When your thermometer reaches the bold 7 mark, you can open the draw-off valve and draw that syrup into a separate vessel for filtering. It is normal for the temperature to climb a little while you first start to draw off. When the temperature drops below the bold 7 on your thermometer, gently close the draw-off valve. The sap that remains in your evaporator pan needs to continue boiling. It is best practice to do a periodic hydrometer test to double check the density.

Instruction sheet

This video was filmed LIVE on Facebook on March 22, 2020. In this video, we draw off syrup on a Dauntless Divided Pan. We also discuss tips and tricks for sap collection. Throughout the video, we answered questions from our live audience on Facebook.


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Smoky Lake Flat Pans, Divided Pans and Hybrid Pans typically require a thermometer with 6″ stem. Larger Smoky Lake Pan Sets typically require a thermometer with 9″ stem. See our full line of maple thermometers HERE.

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