Draw Off Temperature Is Not Displaying Correctly.

If your syrup temperature is not reading properly, that is NOT necessarily an indication of a faulty system. Let’s work through these troubleshooting points and find the solution. Which of these scenarios apply to your situation?

1. SCENARIO = The number is bouncing around.


  • Clean your syrup temperature probe.
  • Double check that your syrup temperature probe is installed correctly (within 1/8 to 1/4 inch of the bottom of the pan but NOT touching the bottom of the pan.)
  • Double check that you have at least 1 to 2 inches of the syrup temperature probe immersed in syrup at all times.
  • Is there anything about your set up or other equipment that could be influencing the probe reading and causing fluctuations?
  • Is the probe connected to the command center securely?
  • Is the cord of the probe damaged/melting by leaning up against the evaporator?

2. SCENARIO = The current temperature reading is consistently higher or lower than you want it to be.

3. SCENARIO 3 = The screen is showing dashes at high temps.

This could be a problem with the connection. Try flip flopping the connection wires. In other words, Instead of connecting the red wire into the red screw. Try connecting the red wire to a white screw. It is possible that the screws were swapped around at some point so that the red is where the white should be, etc.

If you have ruled out any problem with the connection, please contact us and we will be happy to help inspect/diagnose your equipment. Please share proof of purchase if you are within the 2-year warranty period.