Syrup Temperature Probe
Syrup Temperature Probe Installed Syrup Probe on a Pan

Syrup Temperature Probe


This is the same probe which comes included with the current Smoky Lake Maple Products auto draw-off systems. It is used to sense the temperature of the syrup which is nearest the draw-off of your syrup pan. The probe sends temperature information to your auto draw-off command center so that it knows when to open or close the automated draw-off valve. The temperature information from the syrup probe also tells the command center when to sound the built-in safety siren.

The Smoky Lake Auto Draw-Off Systems are reliable units. That being said, if a syrup probe were to fail, it is really nice to have a backup on hand. That way you can continue boiling without needing to wait for a replacement.

PLEASE NOTE: These probes connect to your pan with the stainless steel Probe Fittings. Our 1st generation plastic fittings have been discontinued.


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Do you need a compatible stainless steel fitting to attach this probe to your evaporator?


This probe is a part of a Smoky Lake Maple Products auto draw-off system and is used to measure syrup temperature in your finishing pan. Below are the three models of auto draw-off systems available from Smoky Lake which all work in conjunction with this Syrup Temperature Probe.

This Syrup Temperature Probe will connect to your pan with this fitting:


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