Stainless Steel Syrup Probe Fitting
Stainless Steel Syrup Probe Fitting Installed Syrup Probe on a Pan Syrup Probe with Syrup Probe Fitting

Syrup Probe Fitting


This fitting connects the Syrup Temperature Probe from your Smoky Lake Auto Draw Off System to your evaporator pan. Compatible Syrup Probes have red and white cords. (Syrup Probes with black cords were discontinued in summer of 2018.)


Will This Work With My Current Syrup Probe?

This stainless steel fitting works with our latest model of Syrup Temperature Probe which has a red cord. The first generation Syrup Temperature Probes have a black cord (works only with the plastic fitting which has been discontinued).

Where Can I Find the Old Style Plastic Fittings?

The plastic fittings have been discontinued. As of summer 2018, we are no longer stocking the plastic version of this fitting. The new models of Syrup Probe and Fitting are a great upgrade and we know you will be very happy with them.


This Stainless Steel Fitting is compatible with the latest Smoky Lake Syrup Temperature Probe:


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