How Do I Calibrate My Murphy Cup/Float?

All Murphy Dials are calibrated before leaving the factory and do NOT need to be re-calibrated before use. That being said, below are instructions for confirming the dial’s proper calibration.

  1. Fill your Murphy Cup with a syrup sample OR place your Murphy Float in a vessel of syrup. Use the Temperature Key to match the Murphy Dial reading to a Temperature.
  2. IMMEDIATELY, use a CERTIFIED Fahrenheit thermometer to test the temperature of the SAME syrup sample, in the SAME vessel.  NOTE: Syrup temperature could change over time, so you need to make it snappy. The reading of your certified thermometer should match the temperature that was determined in Step 1. If the temperatures do not match, double check with a second certified thermometer.
  3. If you are absolutely sure that an adjustment needs to be made on your Murphy dial, use the screw on the back of the dial to adjust accordingly.