How To Use A Cone Filtering System

After checking each filter for defects — such as a tear or hole — nest several lightly-dampened Cone Prefilters inside one another. Place these prefilters inside a lightly-dampened Orlon Cone Filter bag. (dampening helps start the flow of syrup through the filter.)

The Orlon Cone Filter bag will have hooks which allow you to hang it over a large pot or inside a Smoky Lake Cone Filter Tank. Once this is set, pour hot maple syrup into the innermost cone filter to begin filtering.

Filtering Maple Syrup

When the syrup stops flowing through the filters, remove the inner-most layer of prefilter material and the debris that has been collected. Syrup will then continue to flow through the remaining prefilters and main filter.

You never want to pour syrup directly into your main filter because once that clogs you will need to stop the process to wash the main filter.

For cleaning and storage instructions, see our article “Caring for Cone Filters”.

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