Beginner Filtering Kit

Cone Filters


Our Orlon filters are available in the popular 8-Quart size.

Prefilters are available either as a two-pack or 12-pack in the 8-quart size.



Instructions for Use

  1. Inspect each filter for any holes or other damage.
  2. Nest one Cone Prefilter inside the other with the opening of both cone prefilters facing upward.
  3. Place the nested Cone Prefilters inside your main Cone Filter Bag (made of a thicker material like wool or Orlon). Again, the opening of all bags should be facing upward.
  4. Hang the filters in a Cone Filter Tank or somehow fashion them over a large pot. (See photo below.)
  5. Slowly pour HOT maple syrup into the innermost prefilter bag so that the maple syrup will travel through all the prefilters and then exiting through the bottom of the main Orlon Filter. Wear rubber gloves to protect hands and arms from hot syrup.
  6. If your hot syrup stops flowing through the filters with ease, simply lift out and set aside the innermost prefilter to remove all the debris. Then continue filtering as you were before, using the remaining prefilter(s) and Orlon filter. Avoid pouring hot syrup directly into the Orlon Cone Filter Bag without using a prefilter because if the Orlon clogs up, you will need to stop everything and wash it before you can continue filtering.

Filtering Maple Syrup

How to Wash Prefilters

Rinse thoroughly with hot water. Do NOT use soaps, detergents or bleach because you don’t want to leave any residues which could potentially contaminate syrup flavor. Never wring dry as this stresses the fabric. Air dry completely before storing.

How to Store Prefilters

Store clean, dry prefilters in a cool, dry place. Do NOT store with mothballs as that could create an off flavor in your syrup the next time you filter. Do NOT fold and crease the prefilters as this can weaken the fabric and eventually cause tears.



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