How Does the T-Valve Operate on a Smoky Lake Filter Press?

PLEASE NOTE: The images and diagrams on this page are depicting a legacy model of the Smoky Lake Air Pump, but the concept of operation is the same. Please reference the printed manual which accompanied your Filter Press for more details.

Smoky Lake Filter Presses with Air Diaphragm Pumps come with a T-Valve. The T-Valve allows you to direct the path of the liquid you are pumping. In this way, the Air Diaphragm Pump has the ability to perform two different jobs:

  1. Transfer maple syrup or sap from one vessel to another.
  2. Send the maple syrup through the Filter Press to be filtered.


Look at the pivot point of the handle on the T-valve. You will see an etched “T” which indicates the directions of flow through the valve. NOTE: The handle can be unbolted and positioned in any way convenient for you and the flow positions will remain labeled correctly. If there is a bolt which restricts the movement of the handle, it too can be removed and repositioned.

The “T” Indicates the Directions of Syrup Flow.

T-Valve. In position for transferring liquid from one location to another
T-Valve. In position to filter syrup.

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