How Can My Filter Press Be Used As A Transfer Pump?

Filter Presses with Air Diaphragm Pumps come with a T-Valve. This valve allows you to redirect the path of the liquid so that it doesn’t go through the filter plates. In this way, the Air Diaphragm Pump can be used to pump maple syrup or sap from one place to another without filtering. 


The “T” Indicates the Directions of Syrup Flow.

T-Valve. In position for transferring liquid from one location to another

If There is a Plug in your Transfer Valve…

Remove it for transfer pumping and attach the Outlet Hose to this port. Then replace the plug when transfer pumping is complete.
T-Valve. Connect Hose Here.

Remember to always use Teflon tape on threaded connections to prevent binding and enhance seal.

For more information on how a T-Valve works, see out T-Valve article.