How Can My Filter Press Be Used As A Transfer Pump?

The air diaphragm pump on a Smoky Lake Filter Press can be used to transfer fluids. This process is demonstrated in the below video from our Barrel to Bottle Series. In the below video segment, Jim is transferring syrup from his bulk containers into a warming pan so that he can begin the filtering process. In other words, he is pumping the syrup WITHOUT actually sending any syrup through the filter plates.

Filter Presses with Air Diaphragm Pumps come with a T-Valve. This valve allows you to redirect the path of the liquid so that it doesn’t go through the filter plates. In this way, the Air Diaphragm Pump can be used to pump maple syrup or sap from one place to another without filtering. 

For more information on how a T-Valve works, see out T-Valve article.