How Much DE Should I Use?

Using Diatomaceous Earth (AKA Filter Aide or DE) in a Filter Press is imperative! It prevents your pressure from maxing out prematurely, so you can filter MORE syrup with each session. DE helps the syrup move through your filter press so you can minimize waste. DE is cheap. Syrup is not.

Main Take Away:

Don’t ask yourself “How much DE do I need per gallon syrup syrup?”
Instead, ask yourself “How much DE do I need per window plate?”

(The Smoky Lake 7″ Filter Press holds 3-1/4 cups of DE in each window plate.)

Why Use Food Grade DE From Smoky Lake?

  1. Smoky Lake is the only maple supplier who offers DE in clean, resealable buckets. Competitors sell DE in clumsy, oversized, 50 pound paper bags which are infamous for tearing and making a mess. Paper bags also could potentially expose your DE to contaminants.
  2. The DE from Smoky Lake is Dicalite® 5000 grit, which has the added benefit of enhanced permeability compared to the competitor’s 4200 grit.
  3. offers FREE SHIPPING in the continental USA. You can find it HERE.
  • DE Filter Aide

    DE Filter Aide – Large Resealable Bucket (Net Wt 12.2 lbs)