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How To Set The Alarm On A Smoky Lake Auto Draw Off System:

July 25, 2018

All models of the Smoky Lake Auto Draw-Off Systems have a factory preset which will sound an audible alarm if your syrup temperature reaches 3ºF or higher than your draw-off temperature setting. You can verify this setting and/or customize it to a different temperature as described below.

To customize the alarm safety setting:

  1. First, take note of your draw-off temperature setting, displayed in green on the home screen of the Command Center. You will need to know this number for the next step.
  2. Hold the SET button for 4 seconds. The number that will appear is the differential between your draw-off temperature and your alarm temperature. For example, if your draw-off temperature setting is 219ºF and  your alarm setting is 3, that means the alarm will sound at 222ºF (219º + 3 = 222º).
  3. Adjust the differential as you desire using the up and down arrow buttons. NOTE: Setting the differential to 0 will make the alarm sound whenever syrup is being drawn off.
  4. Hold the SET button for 4 seconds to return to the home screen OR after 30 seconds, the computer will automatically return to the home screen on its own. NOTE: You can NOT give the SET button a quick tap to return to the home screen. Instead, a quick tap in this mode would take you to the LCY display screen. Do NOT make changes to the LCY value. It should always be zero.
  1. If the audible alarm sounds while you are boiling, immediately stop firing the evaporator and determine the cause of the excessive temperature. There are many potential causes including an obstructed/closed valve or a sap depth that is getting too low.

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