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Start Up Checklist

November 27, 2019

Live Demo Showing Start Up Procedure

Before you start your fire, make sure to run through the items on our start up checklist. An overview of the checklist is described in the live demonstration video above. A Free Start Up Checklist Poster is available for download. You will find the outline below to be the most comprehensive start up list available.

This list is designed to protect your pans and prevent damage. Not all steps will apply to every producer. If a step doesn’t apply to the equipment you happen to be using, simply move to the next step.


  • Thaw float box
  • Thaw your bottle of defoamer (or have vegetable oil handy)
  • Sap pump is hooked up, thawed and primed
  • Sap filter is assembled, thawed


  • Confirm draw-off/safety settings
  • Toggle draw-off to AUTO
  • Toggle alarm to ON
  • Toggle stack temp monitor to ON
  • Syrup probe is clean and properly installed
  • Any other warning system(s) are ON


  • All gaskets are in place
  • Front pan is clean and free of nitre
  • Pans are sitting level
  • 2″ depth throughout the pan(s)


  • Head tank is full
  • Head tank valve is OPEN and inspected
  • Preheater is ready to rock (check valves)
  • Float box(es) have proper flow (raised flue pan sets have more than one float box)
  • OPEN TRANSFER VALVE (applicable to pan sets)


  • Uncover your stack pipes
  • Open the cupola door(s)
  • Locate your fire extinguisher. All helpers should know where it is and how to use it.
  • Put a spare bucket of raw sap near the front pan in case of emergency. ie If sap levels get too low in the pan, dump raw sap into the pan to protect the pan from scorching
  • Make sure to wear protective clothing. ie Gloves and face shield

Then, Light It Up!

After the fire is lit, do NOT leave the evaporator unattended!

While you are boiling, set a timer so that you remember to do the following things

  • Add a drop of defoamer/vegetable oil periodically
  • Add wood/check stack temperature periodically
  • Routinely check levels in the flue pan and front pan
  • Routinely check levels in the head tank

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