Understanding Stack Temperature

Today, we are installing and testing our new Smoky Lake Stack Temp Thermometer on Jimmy’s legacy Corsair evaporator. After running the evaporator with the Stack Thermometer, we’ll determine Jimmy’s optimal temperature for adding wood to his firebox.

Video Table of Contents

2:17 Mounting the thermometer dial
2:33 – 14:28 Mounting the probe in the stack
2:50 Range of the dial
3:20 Some evaporators run hotter than others
4:15 Alternatives to Stack Temp Thermometers
6:07 Diagnosing performance issues
7:28 Analog vs digital
9:30 Comparing to a competitor stack temp probe
10:50 Bimetal coils vs gas-driven thermometers
12:12 Placement of the probe
14:30 Lighting the fire
16:00 What’s important is the LOW end of the stack temp range
17:39 How to determine your stack temp
18:40 Firing too often vs not often enough
20:07 Jimmy’s process for adding fuel
21:08 Determining stack temp
22:43 Affect of probe placement
22:53 Recap
24:04 Why you can’t rely on a timer to know when to add wood
25:27 What we have gained by understanding stack temp

Stack Temperature Thermometer Instruction Sheet Image

Download Stack Temp Thermometer Instructions