Optimal Size Firewood

wood shed by Jimmy B Firewood by Jimmy B

Splitting your wood into smaller pieces goes a surprisingly long way to increase the efficiency of boiling. Here is an example from Jimmy B, at Smoky Lake. See that he split his wood about the size of his wrist. He also makes sure that his wood is well seasoned (dry) before using it in his evaporator.

Fellow Maple Producer, John Wanat, in Connecticut was evaporating 26 gallons per hour with seasoned wood (albeit damp from snow) at the beginning of the 2019 season. After cutting the wood into finer pieces, he increased evaporation to 46.5 gallons per hour. That’s a 179% increase! Woot woot!

Be sure to measure the depth of your particular firebox so that you know the proper length to cut your firewood. You should be able to close the door on your arch while boiling.

A Corsair Arch which is up to 6 feet long will have a firebox that is 20″ deep.  So cutting the firewood 16″ – 18″ is best.

Dauntless Evaporators = approximately 20″ length firewood.

StarCat Evaporators = approximately 16″ length firewood.