What Should I Do If My Alarm Sounds?

Immediately decrease the heat in the firebox — turn off air blowers, reduce draft and/or turn off the gas/oil burners — and then analyze the situation.  Identify the temperature of the syrup in the finishing compartment of your pan. (Assuming all of your auto draw-off components are installed and running properly, the syrup’s current temperature will be displayed in red on the Command Center’s home screen.)  If your syrup IS excessively hot:
• Inspect the draw-off valve.
• Check/increase your float box’s sap depth.
• Make sure all valves connecting the front and back pan are open and clear (if applicable).
• Make sure there is still sap in your head tank feeding the pans.

Always monitor sap availability, sap/syrup depths and syrup/stack temperatures in order to protect your syrup and your equipment.  If your syrup is NOT excessively hot but the alarm is sounding, you may need to adjust your alarm’s safety setting. Also, check the connections between the syrup probe and the Command Center to make
sure they are secure.