DSD 1/4-inch Spout for 5/16-inch Tubing

1/4″ Sap Spout – Compatible with 5/16″ tubing, 25-pack


Due to a manufacturing challenge, DSD will not be producing this spout in 2023.

  • Can be used with or without 5/16″ drop lines.
  • The only patented thin walled sap spouts on the market.
  • Flexible. Will adapt to the tapping hole
  • Micro leak free (even on high vacuum)
  • Drastically reduces the compartmentalization effect for healthier maples
  • Material without BPA, with UV protection and FDA approved
  • Patented design by DSD International

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  • Strike lightly. Excessive hammering will cause damage to the spout and reduce its ability to remain in place. You can compare the force needed to tap the sap spouts / adaptors to that of hammering a small finishing nail.
  • When the spout is sufficiently seated in the tree, you will hear the tapping sound from the hammer change to a subtly flatter thud.
  • The sap spout should not be distorted in order to remain flexible and respond well to periods of freezing and thawing.
  • Alcohol is NOT recommended on this polycarbonate material.
  • Tap hole for this spout should be about 1/4″ diameter. Suggested drill bit would be SKU DSD-35M01225

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