Tubing - 500-Foot Roll

5/16″ Tubing, 500-ft Roll

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  • 500′ Roll
  • UV Resistant
  • Food Grade
  • Made from virgin raw material
  • Flexible semi-rigid
  • Ultra smooth inside and outside (easier to clean and reduces proliferation of bacteria)
  • Environmentally responsible manufacturing (learn more below)
  • Made in Canada

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Tubing Cutter, Spring Loaded with Aluminum Handle


  1. High quality blade made for longevity
  2. Spring loaded, so the aluminum handle automatically reopens after each cut
  3. Lockable in the closed position
  4. Lightweight
  5. Portable

(Please note color may vary. Dark Gray vs Light Gray.)

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Environmentally Responsible Manufacturing

The Canadian manufacturer of this product, DSD International, promotes an environmentally friendly workplace where recycling rules. The DSD team works hard to minimize its impact on the environment in the following ways:

  • Recycling all materials used in the manufacturing (plastics, steel, paper, carton, etc.)
  • Applying a zero waste policy within our company, and reducing waste to a minimum
  • Paying special attention to the cleanliness of work areas and using biodegradable cleaning products

1 review for 5/16″ Tubing, 500-ft Roll

  1. Joshua Lawson

    Fits over the stainless steel taps smoky lake sells perfect. To get off of taos I just placed in boiling water, tap came right off with some pliers. Cheap enough to just throw away as well.

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