Window Plate with Port for Thermometer

7″ Stainless Steel Window Plate with Therm Port


Compatible with Smoky Lake Stainless Steel Filter Press.

Main Features:

  • Staggered hangers for fool-proof assembly
  • Indisputably food grade materials
  • Thermometer port (1/4″ NPT)

Frequently Purchased Together...

2" Dial Thermometer, 0 – 250º Scale, 6" Stem, 1/4" NPT

This is the perfect thermometer to use while bottling your syrup.


  • Screw adjustment on back for exceptional accuracy
  • Easy to read numbers
  • 0–250º F scale
  • Male threads
  • Various dial face sizes available
  • Various stem lengths available

NEW for 2023! The target temperature range for bottling (180 – 190ºF) is now called out in RED.

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