Badgerland Divided Pan BL-DIV
Badgerland Divided Pan BL-DIV

Badgerland™ – Divided Pan w/ Accessory Kit



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  • Stainless Steel Draw-Off Valve with Nipple
  • 3/4″ Stainless Steel Plug for the Inlet Port
  • 1/4″ Stainless Steel Plug for the Accessory Port
  • Maple Thermometer to monitor sap progress

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Badgerland Mapleworks handcrafted evaporator pans guarantee fierce performance at a tame price. We also offer many premium add-ons, including a stainless steel draw-off valve and a maple thermometer for monitoring density.

CONTINUOUS FLOW: The Badgerland Mapleworks Divided Flat Pan is equipped with three channels which allow you to draw off finished syrup periodically rather waiting for the entire pan to turn into syrup. This is known as the “continuous flow” method of boiling as opposed to the “batch” method.

PAN CONSTRUCTION: Badgerland Mapleworks uses only 22 gauge stainless steel which offers superior heat transfer compared to competitors’ thicker materials. This translates to an accelerated boil and an increased fuel efficiency.

The dividers are NOT added as an afterthought. Rather, we form the dividers into the body of the pan, creating a floor that is seamless and sanitary. This design prevents liquid from leaking under the dividers and also adds incredible strength to the pan.

REVERSIBLE: This unit fully reversible simply by turning the pan 180º. Reversing the flow allows you to eliminate sugar sand build-up on the floor of the pan. Without the capability to reverse flow, you would need to completely drain and clean the pan every time a build-up occurred

INLET PORT: The inlet port is compatible with a Badgerland Float Box which can automatically regulate sap depth in your pan. Alternatively, the inlet port can be plugged so that you can add sap either via Feed Pan or by hand.

DRAW OFF PORT: It’s extremely dangerous to pick up a pan of boiling maple syrup. Spilled syrup can cause nasty burns, sticky mess, and major heart ache. That is why every Badgerland pan comes with a stainless steel ball valve to make draw-off safer and less clumsy.

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Pan Size

2' x 2' (Includes Thermometer, Plugs, Valve w/Nipple), 2' x 3' (Includes Thermometer, Plugs, Valve w/Nipple)


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