Dauntless with Flat Pan, Feed Pan and Sight Glass
360 Dauntless with Flat Pan, Feed Pan and Sight Glass Dauntless Bricks Installed Sap Flow of a Flat Pan video
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Dauntless Evaporator with Flat Pan – Customize It!

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This is a handcrafted product, made just for you!

This evaporator is rated for 10 – 55 taps.
Estimated evaporation rate is 9–11+ gallons per hour.
It will take 8.3 gallons of sap to fill the 20″ x 48″ pan 2″ deep.

Note: Bricks and the optional accessories are available separately. Customize this evaporator below.

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Now the supreme quality and performance of American-made evaporators from Smoky Lake Maple Products can be enjoyed by the smallest hobby level maple syrup producer on the most modest of budgets. We’ve achieved this feat through large scale mass production of a proven, bolt-together design. Assembly is made easy through precision fitment of quality parts. Best of all, the Dauntless is built as an expandable platform, allowing the evaporator’s production rate to be increased as the operator’s tap count increases.

Just like the larger, professional-grade Evaporators offered by Smoky Lake, the Dauntless features an insulated airtight door, forcing combustion air to be drawn through the fire from underneath while keeping cold air from leaking in and cooling the underside of the pans. The Dauntless arch is even 100% insulated with 1″ thick ceramic fiber insulation. This channels the heat into the sap while keeping the sides of the arch at a safe temperature. The combustion chamber is then lined with cut-free firebrick to ensure longevity.

The producer has the option to crown the Dauntless arch with any one of three styles of 20″ wide x 4′ long pan systems. The three pan systems, can be swapped out at any time as the maple producer’s needs change or their tap count grows. The versatility of the Dauntless is unmatched by any other brand. Dauntless allows the producer to buy the arch (firebox) one time, then make smaller investments/upgrades/adjustments as their needs change.

Product Support

Flat and Furious.

Premium Flat Pans by Smoky Lake are crafted with 22 gauge, mirror finish stainless steel — which has superior heat transfer compared to our competitors’ thicker gauges. They come standard with a thermometer port, draw-off port and stainless steel Ball Valve. They also feature full length, built-in handles. We confidently back every pan with a lifetime limited warranty on all TIG welds. Every pan is American made at our headquarters in Hilbert, Wisconsin.

Flat Pan with Call Outs

Every Smoky Lake Flat Pan Includes

  • 22 Gauge, Mirror Finish Stainless Steel Pan
  • Stainless Steel Ball Valve w/Nipple
  • Angled Thermometer Port
  • 3″ Dial Maple Thermometer
  • Built-in, Full Length Handles
    Smooth, Hemmed Edges
  • Level Assist Feature
    Available exclusively from Smoky Lake Maple Products. This 2″ fill line helps you level the pan before boiling.
  • Instruction guide for using a Flat Evaporator Pan
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty on TIG Welds
  • Handcrafted in Hilbert, Wisc.

1 review for Dauntless Evaporator with Flat Pan – Customize It!

  1. Robert

    Bought and used my Dauntless w/flat pan last season. It’s the first time I’ve used a real evaporator. What a great unit. We started with 45 taps, after a boil or two we got a good handle on keeping a good boil going. Averaging 11.5 gallons an hour with a mix of good dry and some just ok wood. Dry wood is the key to a great boil.

    Smoky Lake was great to deal with, questions answered, ordering and delivery all spot on. We’re looking forward to this season with a few more taps and hopefully a great flow.

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