The blower gets mounted on the back of the firebox
The blower gets mounted on the back of the firebox Forced Draft Kit includes domed grates It's easy to add a blower to the Corsair Arch

Forced Draft Kit w/ Domed Cast Iron Grates


This kit will create about 20% greater fuel efficiency and up to 50% more productivity. Includes domed cast iron grates (to enhance air turbulence) and a ready-to-plug-in blower.


  • Domed Cast Iron Grates
  • High Intensity Blower

Alternate Configuration

By default, the blower is configured to plug into a 120V outlet. However, we also have blowers that can run off of a car battery. This is often used in areas without electricity. If this alternative is your preference, check the box below.

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Why domed cast iron grates?

Cast iron, as a material, does not have a fiber body. Therefore when heated it has no tendency to warp. The perforations are placed in a way to create the most turbulence within the firebox. Remember the 3 “T”s of combustion: Time, Temperature and TURBULENCE.


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