The blower gets mounted on the back of the firebox
The blower gets mounted on the back of the firebox It's easy to add a blower to the Corsair Arch After running the evaporator hard for 3 hours, there were very few ashes left in the firebox. The 'holes' in the ashes indicate locations where air had been injected by the blowers.

Forced Draft Blower


When paired with the Smoky Lake Perforated, Domed, Cast Iron Grates, this blower will create about 20% greater fuel efficiency and up to 50% more productivity.

See below for compatibility information with various models/sizes of evaporators.



The back of the Corsair evaporator comes with a perforated knock-out and studs to make installation of a new blower as quick and effortless as can be.

Using a Forced Draft Kit allows you to burn less seasoned / larger pieces of firewood. It also does a great job helping to consume the firewood complete. At the end of a boil, you will see very little coal in the firebox.

When purchasing the entire Forced Draft Kit (includes both the blower and the grates), there is a discount as opposed to purchasing each separately.

Types of Blowers

  1. CORSAIR — This page offers blowers which are compatible with Corsair Evaporators.
    • Standard 110V = Compatible with 2 x 3 thru 2 x 10 Corsair (Includes cord)
    • Large 110V = Compatible with 30″-wide Corsair (Cord not included)
    • Standard 12V = Compatible with Corsair 2 x 3 thru 2 x 10 (Connects to car battery)
  2. DAUNTLESS — Blowers for Dauntless Evaporators are included with the Dauntless Forced Draft Kit. They are not sold separately.
  3. SILVERPLATE — Please contact us with questions about Silverplate blowers.
  4. STARCAT — The StarCat Evaporator is offered as natural draft only.

Additional information

Type of Blower

Standard 110V (Cord included), Large 110V (Cord not included), Standard 12V (Connects to your car battery)


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