Standard Grates in a Corsair Arch

Steel Grates


We have added more V’s to the top of this grate and have placed the V’s closer together. This helps prevent coals from slipping through the grates and actually extends the lifespan of the product. This is because the grates are not enduring heat from underneath.

This style of grate comes standard with all Smoky Lake evaporators (except for the Silverplate Evaporator, which comes with the Domed Grates). If you are using a Forced Draft System, the Domed Grates will offer best results for that application.



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First make sure the angle iron ledges are installed inside the firebox, as well as the insulation and firebrick. Place the grates on top of the ledge inside of the firebox so that it oriented as shown in the photo above. Optional: You may fill the V’s with sand. This can help increase the lifespan of the product.

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Which Evaporator Should These Grates Fit?

StarCat, Dauntless, Corsair with 2 ft x 2 ft Firebox, Corsair with 2 ft x 30 in Firebox, Corsair with 30 in x 30 in Firebox, Other. Ask Me.


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