Silverplate Evaporator
Silverplate Evaporator Same Side Reverse Silverplate Evaporator Silverplate Evaporator Silverplate Evaporator Silverplate Evaporator Mel from Brookside Farms After running the evaporator hard for 3 hours, there were very few ashes left in the firebox. The 'holes' in the ashes indicate locations where air had been injected by the blowers. Rob Forrest, Rockford, Michigan Maple Syrup by Flambeau made on a Silverplate Evaporator video
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2 x 6 Silverplate Evaporator w/ Pan Set

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This beautiful, mirror finish evaporator boasts superior fuel efficiency and unrivaled evaporation rates. Handcrafted by the Smoky Lake team in Northeastern Wisconsin. Lifetime limited warranty on all TIG welds.

  • 2′ × 4′ flue pan
    • Choose from raised flue or drop flue with drain manifold.
  • 2′ × 2′ cross flow syrup pan
    • Positive-drain draw-off boxes. Ports for thermometer and auto draw-off probe. Reversible flow. Same side reverse system (optional).
  • Stainless steel float box
    • Drainable. Vented float. Micro-adjust depth regulator. Port for sight glass.
  • Sanitary clamp pan connections
  • Pure stainless steel ball valves
  • High output, airtight arch w/ stainless steel sides
  • Stainless steel stack pipe
  • Two-piece steam hood (optional)
    • Two-piece hood with easy-remove front. Full perimeter drain gutters. Threaded fitting evacuates the hot condensation. Hinged inspection door.
  • Sap preheater (optional)
    • Smoky Lake exclusive design. Super-heats raw sap. Slotted v-channel drip tray captures and evacuates condensation from the system.



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The Silverplate Evaporator is a tried and tested design built by Smoky Lake Maple Products, LLC of Hilbert, Wisconsin. The fully insulated, airtight, stainless steel arch makes good use of the high efficiency pans that Smoky Lake is known for.

Why an airtight arch?

An airtight door ensures that no cold air will be pulled into the arch, which would then be pulled across the floor of the pans, negatively affecting evaporation rates. Also, with the amount of air being forced into the combustion chamber from the built-in blowers, the airtight door keeps the operator safe from sparks and embers.

Why stainless steel arch sides?

The inside of a maple syrup evaporator is a corrosive environment. Every time you light a fire in a cold evaporator, condensation develops. The condensation will soak into the ceramic insulation and mix with the equally corrosive bi-products of wood-fire. This would eat through thin galvanized panels of a lesser arch within a few years.

Why domed cast iron grates?

Cast iron, as a material, does not have a fiber body. Therefore when heated it has no tendency to warp. The perforations are placed in a way to create the most turbulence within the firebox. Remember the 3 “T”s of combustion: Time, Temperature and TURBULENCE.

Why so many flues?

More flues means more surface area of your pan will be in contact with the heat from your firebox. This will allow more heat to be transferred to your boiling sap, drastically increasing the evaporation rate. The flues will increase fuel efficiency because you are able to utilize more of the heat before it exits into the stack pipe.

Why 22ga stainless steel?

Stainless steel is a clean material. The high grade stainless steel we use (304) is resilient enough to handle the corrosive fire on the bottom side of the pans, and the mirror finish allows for perfect clean up, keeping your evaporator looking new and beautiful. This is something you will be proud to create a wonderful food product in year after year.

We use the 22ga stainless steel, because thicker gauges of stainless steel simply cannot transfer heat as well. Our 22ga stainless steel is just as important as the number of flues when it comes to efficiency.

Why have draw-off boxes?

The draw-off boxes on our front pans allow the syrup to draw off without resistance. The fittings actually drop below the level of the floor of the pan. This also allows for a positive drain of these pan compartments.

Why Smoky Lake Maple Products?

In addition to the above listed features of this evaporator, rest assured that our customer service is available at your finger tips. Call or email us any time while setting up the evaporator or during the season while running it. Whether it be for technical help or for general advice, we’re here to help, and happy to do so.

With many of these units being used by maple syrup producers across the country, the results have been consistant. HIGH PRODUCTIVITY! You will achieve no less than an average 60 gallons per hour of evaporation with this complete unit. In fact, every Silverplate Evaporator released for the 2015 maple season achieved much more then that.

This evaporator includes a flue pan set, built for supreme efficiency and unmatched quality. It is loaded. No feature is missing from these beautifully crafted Smoky Lake custom 2’x6′ evaporator pans. With the full width of the flue pan packed with flues (10 flues on drop flue and 11 on raised flue). Being built out of 22ga stainless steel, these are the most efficient pans in the industry.

This featured evaporator is equipped with the optional SSR System (Same Side Reverse System). This feature adds tremendous convenience for operation because the flow can be reversed simply by swinging the handles of two ball valves. All of our front pans are cross flow design.


  • 2’x4′ flue pan (Choose from drop flue or raised flue)
    • Drop flue option: 10 flues 7″ deep, one divider. This pan is 14″ deep in order to contain the powerful boil it produces.
    • Raised flue option: 11 flues, 7″ deep, one divider.
  • 2’×2′ front syrup pan with positively draining draw off boxes, reversible.
  • Includes drainable float box with vented float and adjustable regulators.
  • 1.5″ sanitary clamp fittings are used to connect the pans and draw off.
  • Pure stainless steel ball valves.
  • Dual ports at both draw off locations for thermometers or auto draw probes.
  • Port for sight glass in included.
  • Drain manifold included, allows you to drain the flue pan completely and easily.
  • Premium quality mirror finish stainless steel.
  • Engineered, cut, formed, and TIG welded with supreme skill and elaborate tooling. Proud to “reflect” true American craftsmanship.
  • The two-piece hood has drain gutters around the entire perimeter with a threaded fitting to evacuate the hot condensation. It too is built with premium, mirror finish stainless steel. It comes standard with a hinged inspection door. The front hood mounts very securely to the main hood, but can be removed within 1 second should you ever need full, instant access to the front pan.
  • There is no other sap preheater in the industry like ours. The tubing sits over the top of the v-channels where steam is forced through the slots, making direct contact with the copper tubing. The condensation, when it drips, falls into the bottom of the “v” where it is evacuated from the system. This is the most efficient preheater systems available.
  • Nice, big firebox (34″ x 30″ x 25.5″)

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Flame at rear of pan, base stack:

Sap entering the float box:

Boiling in flue pan:

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Flue Style

Drop Flue, Raised Flue

2 reviews for 2 x 6 Silverplate Evaporator w/ Pan Set

  1. Jason Klous

    Smoky Lake fabricated a 3×10 complete system for me in 2017. It performed flawlessly and the quality and workmanship is amazing. Jim and his team did an awesome job and provided a lot of support during my set-up and my first boil. I am extremely happy and Smoky Lake is an amazing company.

  2. Brett D Zacho

    We bought the 2×6 model four years ago and have been extremely happy with the productivity, workmanship and support. Last year, during the height of the season, I screwed up and ruined my cross flow pan. I called SL and they welded a replacement pan in 2 days for me and saved my season. We now own a SL water jacket bottler and finishing pan also. We cannot say enough good things about Smoky Lake Maple products or their people.

    • Angela

      Thanks, Brett!

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