Base Stack

Galvanized Base Stack, 12″ Diameter


The rectangular bottom of these base stacks are 4″ deep x 25″ wide.
The diameter of the mouth on top = 12″
The base stack is 40″ tall.


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There is a collar on our Corsair and Silverplate arches over which the base stack will sit. This collar has holes pre-drilled in it to accommodate folks who want to bolt down their base stack. We recommend using #10 stainless steel bolts to accomplish this. Bolting the base stack is not necessarily imperative if it is already supported by stack pipe that is going through the roof.

We also offer a Stainless Steel Base Stack option. Stainless Steel will outperform galvanized in terms of longevity. The benefit of the Galvanized would be a small cost savings up front.



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