LineViper - Model 101AR
LineViper - Model 101AR LineViper Model 101AR video video video video

LineViper Tool, 3/16″

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The main function of this tool is to easily connect spouts or other fittings to tubing. Other features include a Tapping Hammer to seat spouts in the tree and a Bark Hook to remove loose bark from a tree.


  • Self Clamping
  • Integrated Tapping Hammer
  • Linear Push Action
  • Advanced Composite Frame
  • Lighter weight and more compact (compared to legacy models of the LineViper)
  • Made in the USA
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This LineViper Includes Enhanced Features!

  • Reduced weight by 15% compared to older LineViper models
  • Reduced the size of the front fork (Easier to fit in a Carhartt® jacket pocket)

These additional features were introduced 2/12/21.

LineViper Instructions for 3/16" Model 316BR


1 review for LineViper Tool, 3/16″

  1. Adam

    Very handy tool, works great and not clunky like all the other line tools I’ve seen. I had to make some slight mods to the head so that the taps and fittings I use would nest better, but I figured that may be the case going in. Tool is money well spent.

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