Pneumatic Tire Set
Pneumatic Tire Set Installed Tires Shown From Behind Installed Tires Shown From The Front pneumatic-tires

Pneumatic Tire Set

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The Pneumatic Tire Kit is an easy solution to transport your Corsair Evaporator through just about any terrain. If you boil sap outdoors but need to wheel your evaporator into a building when you’re not using it, this is for you. If you keep your Corsair in one building but seasonally transport it to another location — and back again, this is for you. The Pneumatic Tire Kit can also be left on your evaporator while using it, raising it to an even more comfortable height. Tons of convenience and versatility. Bolted on in only a few minutes!

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1 review for Pneumatic Tire Set

  1. Jim

    Although these wheels are a good idea they do not articulate. Picture a car with 4 wheels all moving in the same direction with no way to steer. I needed wheels to move the evaporator from my garage, onto the grass, and into the woods where I boil. These wheels will only let the evaporator move in a straight line. I called and was told the way to steer is to lift one of the ends and move it that way, that sounds good but try doing that by yourself while pulling it with a 4-wheeler for 1/4 mile. What I did was go online and buy 2 heavy duty articulating caster wheels and use the mounting bolt holes to attach them to the arch, now I have 2 articulating wheels that I can easily pull. I didn’t bother returning the wheels as I am using 2 wheels and an axle. Expensive for something that had to be modified at extra cost.

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