Smoky Lake Tubing Spout

Smoky Lake Tubing Spout, 5/16″ (50-Pack)


  • 304 stainless steel, food grade
  • 5/16″ tap hole
  • Compatible with 5/16″ tubing
  • Earth friendly and economical because they are reusable year after year 
  • Depth Assist feature to help seat spouts properly in the tree
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These 304 stainless steel tubing spouts require a 5/16″ tap hole and can be reused with 5/16″ tubing year after year. Simply boil in water or food grade cleaner to clean and disinfect after each season and before next use. Works great with both vacuum or drop lines.

Since the head of the spout is covered with tubing, the spout is most easily seated into the tree using a slide hammer. This spout is compatible with Sap Meister brand slide hammers. Smoky Lake brand slide hammers are currently in development.

How to Use the Depth Assist Feature

When tapping a tubing spout into a tap hole, you will know the spout is seated when you hear a slightly different “thunk” sound. For your reference, the Depth Assist Line should ALWAYS be visible. If the Depth Assist Line has been tapped into the tree and is no longer visible, that is a sign that the spout has been pounded in too far and you risk cracking the tree trunk. Note that the Depth Assist Line may vary in position slightly due to differences in each tree’s bark. However, it should always be visible.

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