Thermometer Port Plug

Hex Plug – 1/4″


Stainless Steel Plug for Thermometer Port

If your evaporator pan comes with a thermometer port but you are not intending to use a thermometer for boiling, you may opt to purchase a stainless steel, 1/4″ plug for the port.

If your pan has the reversible flow feature, you will need two thermometer port plugs. One for each side of the pan. Example of a pan with reversible flow is our Continuous Flow Flat Pan.

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We recommend using Plumbers tape on any threaded connections to prevent binding and to enhance water-tightness of the seal.


Please note that the Smoky Lake Water Jacketed Bottlers would require a 1/2″ NPT thermometer port plug. The plugs offered on this page are 1/4″ NPT and will fit all standard Smoky Lake Evaporator Pans and Steam Bottlers.


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