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Water-Jacketed Bottlers



  • Water jacket to prevent sugar sand
  • Nonskid rubber feet
  • Positive draining floor
  • High quality maple syrup thermometer
  • Two-position, drip resistant bottling valve
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Bright annealed stainless steel cover

*New photography coming soon. The heating element we currently use is silver, not orange.


If your syrup is already hot, then the standard 120 Volt heating element is all you would need. However, if you use your bottler to reheat cold syrup to bottling temperature, you may consider upgrading to the 240 Volt heating element to speed things up. You can find a 240 Volt cord that matches your specific outlet type at your local hardware store.

These optional add-ons are available at discount when purchased with the Smoky Lake water-jacketed bottler.


These bottlers are made out of 22 gauge mirror finish stainless steel. Temperature is controlled with a thermostat which adds a lot of convenience when bottling or bringing your syrup up to temperature without promoting any sugar sand.

  • Very strong construction, the contoured sides all around offer supreme rigidity, plus a full 360º handle.
  • Four 1″ tall rubber feet attached by studs welded to the bottom of the outer jacket- won’t make marks on a countertop or skid around.
  • Positive draining. The bottling valve connects to the syrup compartment through the floor, leaving no syrup in the bottler when you empty it. No waste of your precious product!
  • A very accurate dial thermometer that extends into the syrup compartment, not just into the water jacket.
  • A two position, drip resistant bottling valve.
  • A 120 volt 1500 watt electric element brings the three gallon water jacket and six gallons of syrup up to bottling temperature in one hour, without ever making a hot spot in the syrup causing it to develop sugar sand.
  • An adjustable thermostat automatically maintains the syrup at the temperature you choose. We test and preset these units to bottling temperature before shipping
  • A cover is included and a filter tray is available as an add-on

Optional Add-Ons:

Add-on Flat Filter Set

Includes 1 Orlon base filter and 5 prefilters. They are reusable and should be washed in clean, warm water.
To use flat filters, layer them in your Smoky Lake water-jacketed bottler’s filter tray starting with the Orlon base filter on the bottom and then the 5 prefilters on top of that. When flat filters are placed in the filter tray, they should overhang the top of the bottler slightly. Run hot syrup through the filters in the filter tray. When the top prefilter gets clogged, syrup flow will slow down. At this time, grab the edge of the top prefilter and gently slide it out so that there are now only 4 prefilters in the tray. Syrup will begin flowing again. Keep filtering until the top filter gets clogged and repeat the above process. You should really never filter your syrup without the prefilters unless you have very little syrup to filter.

Bottling Valve Reducer

If you are bottling into jars whose mouths are smaller than 1.25″ diameter, this stainless steel valve reducer will be essential. It will add safety and prevent spills. The outside dimension of the standard Tomlinson® bottling valve is about 0.75″ in diameter.

To install the valve reducer, you will unscrew the existing bottling valve and insert the stainless steel valve reducer through the opening as described in this instruction sheet.


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6.5 gallons (16" x 12" x 13"), 16 gallons (21" x 16" x 17")

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    The canner’s worked awesome, and just awesome craftmanship—like always.

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