Water-Jacketed Bottler

Water-Jacketed Bottlers

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Our ever-popular Water Jacketed Bottlers are very time-intensive to build and nearly impossible to keep in inventory. Please do not wait until last minute to order this product! If you do purchase while on backorder, you will be guaranteed a bottler from the next batch. Please be patient. We guarantee that it will be worth the wait.

A LIMITED run of bottlers is run each SUMMER.


  • Water jacket to prevent sugar sand
  • Positive draining floor
  • High quality maple syrup thermometer, 0 – 250ºF scale
  • Two-position, drip resistant bottling valve
  • Immersion heating element with adjustable thermostat
  • Bright annealed stainless steel cover w/handle
  • Sight Glass for the water jacket
  • Stainless steel hex plug for the water jacket’s drain
  • Nonskid rubber feet

*Filter Tray, Flat Filters and Valve Reducer are sold separately.


Optional Add-Ons

Bottling Valve Reducer

The Bottle Valve Reducer is an insert which fits inside the Tomlinson Bottling Valve. It makes it easier to fill bottles with smaller mouths.


Add 1/2" Fitting, Elbow and Cam Lock to Lid

As shown in our Barrel to Bottle video series, we can add a fitting to the lid of your bottler which will allow you to connect the Hose Kit from your Filter Press. This modification would include an Elbow and Cam Lock for easy on and off connection.


Water Jacketed Bottler Instruction Guide

These bottlers are made out of 22 gauge mirror finish stainless steel. Temperature is controlled with a thermostat which adds a lot of convenience when bottling or bringing your syrup up to temperature without promoting any sugar sand.

  • Very strong construction, the contoured sides all around offer supreme rigidity, plus a full 360º handle.
  • Non-skid rubber feet
  • Positive draining. The bottling valve connects to the syrup compartment through the floor, leaving no syrup in the bottler when you empty it. No waste of your precious product!
  • A very accurate dial thermometer that extends into the syrup compartment, not just into the water jacket.
  • A two position, drip resistant Tomlinson valve with stainless steel fitting.
  • A 120 volt 1500 watt electric element brings the three gallon water jacket and six gallons of syrup up to bottling temperature in one hour, without ever making a hot spot in the syrup causing it to develop sugar sand.
  • An adjustable thermostat automatically maintains the syrup at the temperature you choose.
  • A cover is included and a filter tray is available as an add-on

Optional Add-Ons:


Customer Testimonial from MapleTrader.com

Customer Testimonial from MapleTrader.com


Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

6.5 gallons (16" x 12" x 13"), 16 gallons (21" x 16" x 17")

3 reviews for Water-Jacketed Bottlers

  1. T. Bouvier, Vermont

    The canner’s worked awesome, and just awesome craftmanship—like always.

  2. Brett D Zacho

    We installed this bottler 3 years ago and it is an absolute time-saver in the bottling process. We were using an old SS coffee maker but couldn’t control the syrup temperature and the plastic handle kept breaking from the heat. This bottler allows up to bottle at our speed, not by how fast the syrup cools and is extremely well built. We highly recommend this solution to anyone!

    • Angela

      Thanks, Brett!

  3. Dale Peters

    We bought this bottler several years ago- what a great product. Suburb craftsmanship, durable and functional. It holds up to 10 gallons of finished syrup at the perfect, consistent temperature down to the last bottle bottled. After using an old coffee pot (the kind you find at church potlucks) the bottler lets us bottle a higher quality product without the rush or mess of other methods. Don’t hesitate to buy this. You will not regret!!

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