Water Jacketed Draw Off Tank
Water Jacketed Draw Off Tank Water-Jacketed Draw-Off Tank video

Water-Jacketed Draw-Off Tank


PLEASE NOTE: At this time, all of our handcrafted equipment is experiencing extended lead times. We look forward to fulfilling orders for this product throughout summer/fall so that you can hit the ground running in 2022. Thank you for your patience.

This tank utilizes the hot water condensation from your hoods/preheater to maintain your syrup at 200°F all day long for FREE. Water exiting the jacket’s overflow drain can be routed to a floor drain. Alternatively, the clean, pure water coming out of the jacket’s overflow drain could be captured in a bucket and used for cleaning.




The following stainless steel accessories are optional add-ons for the Water-Jacketed Draw-Off Tank.

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This product has been featured in the article, “Four Ways to Harness the Power of Heat”.

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Syrup Capacity

15-Gallon, 30-Gallon, 45-Gallon, 60-Gallon


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