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How Do I Clean My Filter Press?

September 12, 2018
  1. Transfer the syrup in your drip tray to your warming pan so it can be filtered with your next batch. Wash the tray in warm sudsy water and rinse.
  2. With gloved hands, loosen the nuts on the Compression Rods so that you can remove the Waffle plates and Window Plates. The end plates should stay on the Compression Rods and be washed in place. (CAUTION: Remember the press will be HOT.)
  3. Discard the disposable filter papers as well as the DE cakes inside the plates. Wash each plate with hot water. Use a small brush to loosen/remove debris from crevices.
  4. Run hot water through your hoses and pump to flush out all syrup and debris.
  5. For best storage, reassemble and cover the press to keep contaminants off of it while it is not in use.

DO YOURSELF A FAVOR: Clean your filter press immediately after each use. Even if you plan to filter again the next day, you should still clean it thoroughly today. This will help prevent blockages and other problems during your next session.


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