Stainless Steel Filter Press, 10-Filter, Air Pump
Stainless Steel Filter Press, 10-Filter, Air Pump Filter Press Plates The offset hangers make it immediately obvious if you are inserting a plate backwards. video

Stainless Steel Filter Press, Air Pump, 10-Filter

From: $2,790.00

10-Filter Capacity:

Average 25 – 40 gallons of syrup filtered per session

Standard Features:

Stainless Steel Air Diaphragm Pump
(The ultimate in pressure control. Indisputably food grade. Can also be used as a transfer pump.)

Short Platform w/Nonskid Rubber Feet
(10 Filters is max capacity)

Premium, 7″ Stainless Steel Filter Plates

    • Screen Plates, Qty 4
      (An upgrade from the traditional Waffle Plates)
    • Window Plates, Qty 5
      (Each has a 3-1/4 cup capacity)
    • Book End Plates, Qty 2

Staggered Hanger System
(This Smoky Lake exclusive design makes it impossible to install plates backwards!)

Stainless Steel Drip Tray

Illustrated Instruction Manual

Bonus Accessories:

Filter Press Hardware Pack: Muffler, 1/2" Plugs [Qty 2], 3/4" Adapter

Included FREE.

The Muffler attaches to the Air Pump. The Plugs can be used to plug the press’s transfer outlets and secondary syrup inlet.

DE Filter Aide – Large Resealable Bucket (Net Wt 12.2 lbs)

Included FREE.

Filter Papers, 100-Pack

Included FREE.

Hose Kit w/Cam Lock Fittings

Included FREE.

Street Elbow (Pre-installed on the Filter Press Outlet)

Included FREE.

This elbow connects your Hose Kit to your Filter Press’s clean syrup outlet port.

Add Thermometer Port with 2" Dial Thermometer


With this upgrade, you will know exactly when your Filter Press is up to temp. The thermometer port will be tapped directly into one of your Window Plates. 2" Dial Thermometer included.

Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Cart


The heavy duty stainless steel carts offer safe and convenient mobility of your Filter Press. This makes it super easy to wheel your Filter Press over to a sink for cleaning at the end of your filtering session. It also provides a dedicated works space for your filter press, and includes a bottom storage shelf for accessories.

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Advantages of an Air Diaphragm Pump

  1. Soft Start (low psi and low flow for start-up)
    With soft start, the flow AND pressure are very easily controlled.  You can pump a few tablespoons at a slow, low pressure until you see that everything is correct. Then crank up flow by giving it more air.

    In contrast, with a gear pump/electric motor, the pressure and flow start immediately/violently because a gear pump is a positive displacement pump.  That means that for every revolution of the pump, a defined amount of liquid MUST come out of the pump—every revolution!  And the outlet pressure is relatively MUCH higher. Because of this, there is no forgiveness if something is not hooked up correctly or some valve is not set right.

  2. Easily Controlled Pressure (in filter chambers)
    As the filter press fills with DE and reduces or stops flowing, it’s very simple to twist the regulator knob up a bit to resume pumping. This can be done at any time, at any flow rate, from stopped to almost wide open. Of course, this is dependent on having an air pressure regulator in-line between the air compressor and the diaphragm pump.

  3. Variable Flow (less air pressure for less flow, increase air pressure for more flow)
    If you are pumping filtered syrup into your canner while you are filling small bottles, you can turn the pressure down low and slow. On the other hand, if you are filling barrels or 5 gallon containers, turn up the air and let it rip!

  4. Harmless Stall (if/as filter plugs)
    A HUGE advantage of air pump versus electric motor pump is that the air pump can remain “stalled” for hours (days!) without harm to your equipment. Try that with an electric motor driven pump!


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Air Diaphragm Pump


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