Stainless Steel Filter Press, 10 Filters Capacity, Hand Pump
Stainless Steel Filter Press, 10 Filters Capacity, Hand Pump The offset hangers make it immediately obvious if you are inserting a plate backwards. Filter Press Plates video video video

Stainless Steel Filter Press, Hand Pump, 10-Filter

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10-Filter Capacity:

Average 25 – 40 gallons of syrup filtered per session

Standard Features:

Bosworth® Hand Pump

Short Platform w/Nonskid Rubber Feet
(maximum capacity is 10 filters)

Premium, 7″ Stainless Steel Filter Plates

    • Screen Plates, Qty 4
      (An upgrade from the traditional Waffle Plates)
    • Window Plates, Qty 5
      (Each has a 3-1/4 cup capacity)
    • Book End Plates, Qty 2

Staggered Hanger System
(This Smoky Lake exclusive design makes it impossible to install plates backwards!)

Stainless Steel Drip Tray

Illustrated Instruction Manual

Bonus Accessories:

DE Filter Aide – Large Resealable Bucket (Net Wt 12.2 lbs)

Included FREE

Hose Kit w/Cam Lock Fittings

Included FREE

Filter Papers, 100-Pack

Included FREE

Add Thermometer Port with 2" Dial Thermometer


With this upgrade, you will know exactly when your Filter Press is up to temp. The thermometer port will be tapped directly into one of your Window Plates. 2" Dial Thermometer included.

Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Cart


The heavy duty stainless steel carts offer safe and convenient mobility of your Filter Press. This makes it super easy to wheel your Filter Press over to a sink for cleaning at the end of your filtering session. It also provides a dedicated works space for your filter press, and includes a bottom storage shelf for accessories.

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Type of Pump

Bosworth Hand Pump

1 review for Stainless Steel Filter Press, Hand Pump, 10-Filter

  1. Terry L Jasmer

    I have been making maple syrup for 40 years with the same pan I made in 1984. I have made 3 major changes in my operation over the years, RO in 2016, replacing buckets with 3/16″ lines in 2021, and upgrading filtering and bottling in 2023. After bottling 24 gallons of cloudy syrup I found Smoky Lake videos online. I purchased a 10 filter air diaphragm pump filter press and steam bottler. The syrup was so beautiful I also redid the original 24 gallons. I was also impressed with the steam bottler as it maintained the temperature. My old bottler would sometimes reach 200 degrees, which I learned is a big no no. I also purchased the murphy float and murphy cup and hydrometer. This to me is a must to be able to know the density at any temperature from the barrel through bottling. I made 183 gallons of syrup this year. Smoky Lake Maple Products are impressive, I give them a 5+ Star rating. Thank You.

    • Angela

      Thank you so much. We are so happy to hear about your success! High five!

      Let us know if you have any questions this coming season. We are here for you.

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