Mounting the Command Center

The Command Center can be mounted directly to your evaporator using a Smoky Lake Evaporator Mount OR it can be mounted to a nearby wall. When mounting the Command Center, you will want to keep these key points in mind:

  • The Command Center should be within your line of sight when you are standing by your evaporator’s draw-off
  • The cord of your Syrup Probe(s) should be able to reach your Command Center without blocking walkways and/or resting against your hot evaporator
  • The Command Center should be kept away from moisture and excessive heat

Using a Smoky Lake Evaporator Mount

Example of an installed mount

The Evaporator Mount is heavy duty steel, fits all Smoky Lake Maple Auto Draw-Off Systems, and can be installed on the side of any arch. Please see our Evaporator Mount page for more information and photos OR download the Installation instructions using the link below.

Download Installation PDF