What Are The Pros And Cons of Plastic Vs Stainless Steel Spouts?

This table compares and contrasts plastic spouts and stainless steel spouts. Both types can do an excellent job, but there are a few differences that you may want to consider.

Plastic Spouts Stainless Steel Spouts
Lifespan “Reusable” plastic spouts can be used up to three years. “Seasonal” plastic spouts are meant for one season only. These are made to last. You can sterilize and reuse them year after year.
Tools Regular hammer Slide Hammer is required for Tubing Spouts, but a traditional hammer is perfect for Bucket and Bag Spouts.
Compatibility Most our our plastic spouts are made to work with a specific size tubing, but using tubing is optional for use. Not compatible with Smoky Lake Bag Holders. There is a different style spout for tubing vs buckets and bags. Bucket and Bag Spouts work excellent with Smoky Lake Wind Resistant Bag Holders.
Environment Disposable products create waste. Reusable products eliminate waste.
Cost Significantly lower price point. Very beneficial for producers who are working with volunteers or anyone who is worried about their spouts getting lost. Higher cost initially, but saves you money over time.
  • CLEARANCE – Spout Adaptor, 25-pack

  • 5/16" Seasonal Spout

    5/16″ Seasonal Spouts – Compatible with 5/16″ Tubing – 25-Pack

  • 1/4″ Seasonal Spout – Compatible with 3/16″ Tubing

  • DSD Spout, Blue, 90-degree angle

    1/4″ Multi-Season Spout – Compatible with 5/16″ tubing

  • 5/16″ Multi-Season Spouts – Compatible with 5/16″ Tubing

  • 1/4″ Multi-Season Spouts – Compatible with 3/16″ Tubing

  • Stainless Steel Forever Tubing Spout

    “Forever Tubing Spouts” by Smoky Lake, 25-pack

  • Smoky Lake Tubing Spout

    Smoky Lake Tubing Spout, 5/16″ (50-Pack)

  • Smoky Lake Stainless Steel Spouts - New for 2024

    “Lifetime Taps” by Smoky Lake, 25-pack