Thermometer with 0-250º F Scale
Thermometer with 0-250º F Scale thermometers thermometers back side

3″ Dial Thermometer, 0 – 250º Scale, 4″ Stem, 1/2″ NPT


This is the perfect thermometer to use while bottling your syrup.


  • Screw adjustment on back for exceptional accuracy
  • Easy to read numbers
  • 0–250º F scale
  • Male threads
  • Various dial face sizes available
  • Various stem lengths available


Screw adjustment on back allows for micro adjustments.

The Smoky Lake Steam Bottler and Cone Filter Tank work best with a thermometer with a 6″ stem.


  • Clean the dial face with a clean, damp rag. Never immerse your thermometer dial in water. Doing so may result in fogging inside the dial face and/or moisture damage. This type of blooper can not be covered under warranty.
  • To achieve more accurate readings, the stem of your thermometer should be clean and any mineral build-up should be removed. Depending on the amount of build-up present, deposits are usually easily removed by soaking the stem for up to 12 hours in 50/50 mixture of vinegar and hot water. They may also be removed with light scraping.

We also offer thermometers with a 0–50 scale which are made specifically for boiling syrup in your evaporator pans.

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Dial Size


Stem Length


Thread Size


Bottling (0–250 Scale)


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