Tomlinson Valve
Tomlinson Valve Filter Finisher Bottler Water-Jacketed Bottler

Tomlinson Valve


The Tomlinson valve is favored for bottling applications and comes standard with the Smoky Lake Steam Bottler and Smoky Lake Water Jacketed Bottler.

This valve features a drip-resistant polypropylene body design, and easy open/close handle. The threads are 3/4″ MNPT.

Always use Teflon tape on threaded connections to enhance seal and prevent thread binding.

If filling bottles with small mouths, we recommend adding a Valve Reducer.

Popular Add-Ons

Bottling Valve Reducer

The Bottle Valve Reducer is an insert which fits inside the Tomlinson Bottling Valve. It makes it easier to fill bottles with smaller mouths.


Adaptor Kit for Tomlinson Valve

The stainless steel part(s) in this kit are used to connect a Tomlinson Valve to a Smoky Lake or Badgerland bottler. This kit is compatible for all Smoky Lake and Badgerland Bottlers which were handcrafted prior to March/April, 2021.

Kit Includes



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