Ceramic Blanket Insulation
Ceramic Blanket Insulation Example of Ceramic Blanket installed inside of a maple evaporator

Case of Ceramic Blanket Insulation


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Ceramic blanket should be used in the rear of the arch as well as behind the fire brick to protect the evaporator from high temperatures. (Fireboxes of wood-fired evaporators should be lined with fire brick.)

  • 50 square feet (1″ thick x 2′ wide x 25′ long)
  • High tensile strength for longer life
  • Absolutely NO asbestos
  • No curing or dry out time
  • Rated up to 2600ºF (1425ºC)
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The Corsair Evaporator will have ceramic blanket pre-installed on the door only. The Silverplate Evaporator will have it pre-installed both on the door and throughout the rear of the arch. A 2′ x 6′ Corsair Evaporator will require 40 square feet of ceramic blanket insulation which can be accomplished with one case (50 square feet).

Our ceramic blanket is sold by the case, a total of 50 square feet (1″ thick x 2′ wide x 25′ long). One case is the perfect amount for a Smoky Lake 2′ x 6′ Corsair Evaporator which requires approximately 40 square feet of blanket.

If you break down the cost per square foot, you will find it this product to be the best price around. 

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