Expansion Kit (4-Filter)
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Expansion Kit (for the 7″ Stainless Steel Filter Press)


These expansion kits allow you to increase the capacity of your Smoky Lake Stainless Steel Filter Press. Max capacity of the short platform filter press is 10 filters, and the long platform can hold up to 20 filters.


  • Waffle Plates
  • Window Plates
  • Additional Hardware

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The length of the platform on your Smoky Lake Filter Press will determine the ultimate maximum capacity of your press.  A Short Platform can hold up to 10 filters (5 window plates + 5 waffle plates). A Long Platform can hold up to 20 filters (10 window plates + 10 waffle plates). Every Smoky Lake Filter Press is initially sold with a minimum of at least 6 filters (3 window plates + 3 waffle plates).

The Expansion Kits include the 7″ stainless steel plates and longer hanging rods. These rods are now made out of 17-4PH stainless steel, an extremely strong metal. One important benefit of using this material is that the threads will not strip. Second, the filter press’s plates can now glide across the rods which has enhanced the ease of use and overall feel.

Disposable Filter Paper is sold separately. You will use two Disposable Filter Papers for each window plate in your system.


You do have the option to send us ONE of your existing waffle plates and window plates for us to measure and model your new plates after. Note, it is very rare that this extreme level of precaution – comparing old plates to new plates here at the factory – is necessary. However, there have been a handful of cases over the years in which these micro-adjustments were deemed helpful.

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4-Filter Expansion Kit, 6-Filter Expansion Kit, 8-Filter Expansion Kit, 14-Filter Expansion Kit


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