Foam Gasket for a Smoky Lake Float Box
Foam Gasket for a Smoky Lake Float Box video video

Foam Gaskets for Float Box, 2-Pack


These Foam Gaskets are manufactured exclusively for Smoky Lake Maple Products Float Boxes. The Gaskets are made from food grade material and can tolerate the temperature of preheated sap without issue.

Only one foam gasket is needed to operate a Smoky Lake Float Box. We will send a second, complimentary gasket for you to keep on hand as a spare.

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Instructions for Care:

Store in a clean, dry place when not in use. Failing to do so may result in the development of mildew/mold, in which case the gasket should be replaced.

Always close the valve on your head tank when the evaporator is not in use. (The head tank is the tank of sap that feeds your Float Box.) This will decrease the pressure/wear on the gasket. This will ensure that your pans don’t flood with extra sap while you are away. Just remember to reopen the head tank valve before you start boiling again.



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