GOLD SERIES Maple Syrup Hydrometer
GOLD SERIES Maple Syrup Hydrometer Smoky Lake holds exclusive copyright on this redesigned scale Gold Series Hydrometers each have a unique serial number A reference line is blown into the glass. Now you will know if the paper insert has slipped. A reference line is blown into the glass. Now you will know if the paper insert has slipped. The cold test line is blue. The hot test line is red. The industry's first food grade ballast video

GOLD SERIES Syrup Hydrometer

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Elevating the standards of maple-industry hydrometers!

  • Dual declaration scale: 45–75º BRIX at 60°F and 25–40 Baume at 60°F
  • Smoky Lake exclusive scale design for unmatched legibility
  • NO LEAD! The ballast is a food grade alloy.
  • Stronger structure for enhanced resistance against breakage
  • Hand-blown glassware
  • Heat treated in a secondary process to remove unseen stresses
  • Red indicator is blown into glass and gives peace of mind that your scale insert is properly positioned inside the hydrometer.
  • Traceable serial numbers per the N.I.S.T. (National Institute of Standards and Technologies)
  • ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) compliant
  • Made in the USA
  • Free Shipping

Vermont Certification

This is optional upgrade. Hydrometer will be marked with a purple stamp to indicate it has been tested and approved by the Vermont Department of Weights and Measures.


Highest standards of any other maple industry hydrometer!

  • Weighted with a food grade alloy. NO LEAD!
  • Smoky Lake exclusive design for unmatched legibility.
  • Stronger structure for enhanced resistance against breakage.
  • Red indicator in glass gives peace of mind that your scale insert is properly positioned inside the hydrometer.
  • Made in America!

Instructions and Compensation Chart

Hydrometer Terms: Due to their fragility, hydrometers are non-returnable and non-exchangeable.

Smoky Lake will replace any hydrometer with an obvious craftsmanship issue (such as a pinhole or a slipped paper in a GOLD series) or any hydrometer that experiences shipping damage, as long as it is reported immediately upon receipt of the shipment.

Due to the inherent fragility of glass, we are unable to warranty any used hydrometers. For this reason, it is the consumer’s responsibility to inspect and report any concerns immediately upon receiving their shipment, and BEFORE using the hydrometer. This is our policy and it allows us to serve you best. Thank you for understanding.

Smoky Lake stands behind the quality and craftsmanship of these hydrometers. In the rare instance you experience a quality concern or shipping damage, please Contact Us Here IMMEDIATELY upon receiving your shipment. Please provide clear photos of the issue, the serial number on the hydrometer, and proof of purchase and we’ll be happy to help.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs

6 reviews for GOLD SERIES Syrup Hydrometer

  1. Eric Mowry

    April 7: Used it for the first time this season and the paper slid down about 1/2° from the red line. Seem to work good until then.

    Received a new replacement from Angela. Unfortunately we won’t need to use it until next season but hopefully it will last longer. They were very quick in response and seeing that we got a replacement quickly also. A++ for customer service.
    Thanks Angela

  2. Cheng

    These really are the easiest hydrometer to read on the market. The calibration validation line is a great feature! Even my dog loves them, he just snagged one off the table and chewed the end of the off it; fortunately it is made with food grade alloy!

  3. Ron Palmer IV

    This is the only hydrometer that I buy! It’s the best out there

  4. Chris & Lynn Peabody

    Disappointed in the Gold Series Hydrometer and very disappointed with Smokey Lake Maple Products lack of customer service.

    At first, we loved this Hydrometer. It was quite thin and much less robust than the one we picked up at our local supplier but the large print on the Gold Series made it extremely easy to read and use. We are an older couple and our eyes are not what they once were.

    Unfortunately, the Gold Series Hydrometer only lasted a couple of boils before it failed and filled full of syrup/water. In contrast, the Hydrometer we picked up at our local supplier lasted all season without a hiccup.

    We contacted Smokey Lake Maple Products and sent pictures of the Hydrometer full of syrup. They were quick to respond and made bold claims that both they and the manufacturer stood behind their products. In the second sentence, they wrote that if we wanted any compensation or a replacement, we would have to prove a manufacturing defect. We dropped the matter and took the loss. We would have thought that the Hydrometer being full of syrup would be enough proof. Thank goodness we didn’t buy an expensive piece of equipment from these folks.

    It should be noted that while we were disappointed with Smokey Lake Maple Products customer service and their delicate Hydrometer, we couldn’t be more happy with their Compensation Cup. This invention is pure genius and we would buy another from them in a heartbeat should it ever fail.

    • Angela

      Woa woa woa. We had replied to your April 27 support request within 10 minutes flat. We clearly told you we were happy to help. We simply needed a bit more information in order to file a warranty claim. I’m not sure what happened since then, but today you are slinging 1-star reviews all over the internet rather than just allowing us to help you. Yes, we do stand behind the craftsmanship. So if something is wrong, we would love to help. Please send the missing info and allow us to help you.

  5. Vince Portelli

    This Gold Series hydrometer should not be a 5-star, it should be a 10-STAR! Best hydrometer I’ve ever used and coupled with my compensation cup and float is an absolute game changer. Syrup comes out perfect EACH. TIME. I’m purchasing another one now as a gift for my sugaring mentor. Thank you Smoky Lake for the fine products!

    • Angela

      Hey there Vince,
      Thanks for your kind words. That’s so great. We agree, the Gold Series has been an awesome tool.

      Have a great day! We appreciate you!

  6. Ryan M

    Excellent. Thanks!

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