Murphy Compensation Cup
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Murphy Compensation Cup

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The Murphy Compensation Cup performs all compensation calculations for you so you can take accurate hydrometer readings in a snap.

The dial on the Murphy Cup will indicate exactly where your hydrometer should be floating based on your syrup sample’s current temperature. Simply compare the reading on the dial to the reading on your hydrometer to quickly and easily determine the density status of your syrup.


Instruction Sheet

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  • NO LEAD! The ballast is a food grade alloy.
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  • Heat treated in a secondary process to remove unseen stresses
  • Red indicator is blown into glass and gives peace of mind that your scale insert is properly positioned inside the hydrometer.
  • Traceable serial numbers per the N.I.S.T. (National Institute of Standards and Technologies)
  • ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) compliant
  • Made in the USA
  • Free Shipping
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Temperature of your syrup can drastically affect the buoyancy of your hydrometer. Traditionally, the only way to get an accurate hydrometer reading was to measure your syrup sample’s temperature and then use a compensation chart to calculate where the hydrometer should actually be floating. What a pain!

The Murphy Compensation Cup does all those calculations for you so you NEVER have to even think about it again. The dial on the Murphy Compensation Cup will indicate the actual location of 66.9ºBRIX on your hydrometer based on your syrup sample’s current temperature. If your syrup sample’s temperature changes, so will the reading on the Murphy dial, giving you the real-time feedback you need to take a quick and accurate measurement.


Never submerge the face of your Murphy Dial in liquid nor expose it to excessive steam/moisture for extended periods of time. To safely clean the dial, simply wipe the face with a clean, damp cloth. Never turn or alter the screw on the back of the dial.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 6 × 6 in

21 reviews for Murphy Compensation Cup

  1. Greg Michne, Rochester, NY

    Angela, I wanted to let you know the Murphy cup is working great. I used it for the first time last night and my syrup was drawing off damn near perfect density.

  2. Jared Davis, Middlebury Center, PA

    Last night was my first time using it and I have to say it was spot on and it very easy to use and really helped me fine tune my auto draw off one thing is for sure I will use it from now on. Thanks Angel for coming up with the idea and fellow traders for talking about it.

  3. nathan walczak

    I got to test it out this past week and it works flawlessly!! Thank you guys for wonderful products!

  4. P. Sutherland, Finland, Minnesota

    The Murphy Cup is one of the best things I have ever bought!!
    We have always had trouble making heavy syrup and getting a little sugar crystal on the bottom over the course of time.
    Its so easy to use my wife even understands how to use it, (all she has to do is match the brix on the gauge to the hydrometer)
    WE LOVE IT!!!
    We will tell every one we know about it.
    Thanks again

  5. Martin Ruzinsky, Wolverine, Michigan

    The Murphy cup is simply amazing! It cuts all the clumsy tedium of trying to get a proper temperature, then a good reading on the hydrometer down to a very simple process. Fill it, read it, done! Anyone that wants to make proper maple syrup NEEDS one of these.

  6. P. Gregg, Greenwich, NY

    We used it again last night and it was perfect every time. Life changer for me, haha.

  7. Marc Curle, Ontario, Canada

    Received the cup and had a chance to try it yesterday.
    Tried it with many different densities and temp., after 50+ yrs. producing I’m really impressed with its accuracy & ease of use.
    I have pasted my opinion on to some other producers of OMSPA in our area.
    This is a “MUST HAVE” for any new or seasoned producer.

  8. Gary W

    I don’t usually write reviews but I feel I must here. The Murphy Cup made my syrup season. I highly recommend it. No more fumbling with a cup, thermometer, hydrometer and chart….accurate cold to hot, doesn’t matter. A definite ‘must have’ for all producers, big or small.

  9. Kyle B.

    One of the best tools I have in the sugar shack. It is easy to use and right on every time. Thanks for a great product.

  10. Michael

    A must have for any producer. I used this last year and it takes all the calculations out of the equation.(Pun intended).

  11. Eric

    The Murphy cup works great. It is very helpful when testing your syrup.

  12. Matt Paris

    I purchased your Murphy’s Compensation Cup this year. It proved invaluable! Typically, I utilize the boiling point method as a ballpark number, then use the hydrometer to finish the syrup. Thanks to the Murphy’s Compensation Cup, this year’s syrup was perfect (66.9%), and I am extremely pleased with the outcome! Thank you.

  13. Wesley S

    Perfect syrup made easy. Thank you Smoky Lake.

  14. K Wright

    I sending this email in regards to the Murphy Compensation Cup I ordered last week!
    First: I received it in a day which was fantastic!
    Second: the instructions manual it came with is phenomenal! Extremely well put together and easy to understand!!!
    Third: It’s quality and craftsmanship is supreme! Actual thought and practicality is very clear in this instrument and honestly everything you guys fabricate! As a tradesman I can appreciate that!
    Lastly, it has made the finishing and perfecting of our syrup density the easiest and most enjoyable ever!!! No more of trying to use the compensation charts with ever changing syrup temps!
    I couldn’t be happier with my purchase!

  15. Calvin and Rhodanna Hall

    We recently purchased a Murphy Compensation Cup and Gold Hydrometer .
    Used them in combination yesterday finishing our first 2021 run of syrup.
    Throw away the temperature conversion charts from the old days
    This is a game changer for us
    Thanks Smoky Lake

  16. Adam

    Beautiful heavy duty piece. Can’t wait to use it as I’ve heard nothing but great things.

  17. Ryan

    Works great! made finishing much easier. thanks for a great product.
    i had to pay FedEx an extra $67 to ship to Kemptville, Ontario.. but still worth it.

  18. Max Neiman

    Excellent product, makes finding that “sweet spot” easier and allows me to get the syrup into the dispensing pan faster. Highly recommend this product

  19. Ryan M

    If you use hydrometers, you NEED this device

  20. Filedstone Farm

    Essential piece of equipment. Makes boiling even more fun and relaxing. And- it has that fantastic Smoky Lake Maple quality! Great purchase.

    • Angela

      Thank you for your kind feedback! Have a great season!

  21. Ryan

    Perfect syrup! It was hard to admit to myself how wrong my methods had been in using my hydrometer up until now. The “hot test line” doesn’t mean crap. Now I am reading the hydrometer accurately.

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