2021 Video Contest

This year will be our 6th Annual Video Contest! We look forward to connecting with everyone and seeing all the great things you are doing this maple season!

Contest Overview

Twice throughout April, the Smoky Lake crew will select their favorite 2 – 3 videos out of all the videos that have been submitted. Those selected videos will then to go head to head in a “people’s choice” style competition on social media. Whichever video receives the most votes (“thumbs up”) on YouTube will win a $700 gift certificate to SmokyLakeMaple.com. (More details below)

Thanks in advance for participating! We look forward to this every year! PLUS, all eligible videos are raising money for the International Crane Foundation as described below, which is something we are also very excited about. Let’s help the endangered whooping crane!

Finalists and Winners:

Competition #1 – Completed

Video Contest Winner is Cedar Hill

Competition #2 — Completed

This Year’s Theme =
Pure Maple Syrup. Pure Smoky Lake.

We encourage you to use your creativity to interpret this theme. Here are some thoughts to help get you started:

  1. One of the many reasons to appreciate pure maple syrup is that there is so much care and effort that goes into creating it. Smoky Lake Maple Products pays respect to this same ethic of hard work with all that we handcraft at our Midwest Maple Headquarters in Hilbert, Wisconsin. In many ways, Smoky Lake values run parallel to the values which are embraced in making pure maple syrup. How are Smoky Lake’s passions in alignment with all of your great endeavors?
  2. Can you tell the difference between a Smoky Lake product as opposed to a copycat or counterfeit? Is there a difference in the overall look, feel or experience? Is there a detail you are especially fond of?
  3. Show and tell! We are excited to see all the things you are accomplishing this maple season with our products!

How to Enter:

  1. Upload your video to YouTube.
    • All videos must be given a title.
    • All videos must be given an accurate description that says what their video is about. Otherwise, if your description only says “contest entry”, that does not help us differentiate your video from other videos.
    • Make sure your video is set to PUBLIC (not private) so that we can watch it.
    • The video must remain posted/available for viewing throughout the duration of the entire contest.
  2. Post a link to your YouTube video on our Smoky Lake Facebook page. Do NOT email it to us. In your post, include hashtag #pureSLMP to indicate that the video is intended for the contest. The hashtag also allows folks find your video using Facebook’s search bar.


Video Guidelines:

  1. Two minutes or less. (If your video is longer than 2 minutes, only the first 2 minutes will be judged.)
  2. Within the video, please state your name/location.
  3. Video must include a shot of Smoky Lake maple equipment in action.
  4. Video must be an interpretation of this year’s theme “Pure Maple Syrup. Pure Smoky Lake.”

How Winners Are Determined/Announced:

The crew at Smoky Lake headquarters will be asked to vote for their favorite videos on or about April 2 and April 16. Their selections will be announced on Facebook as well as this web page. All videos which have been submitted according to the “How to Submit a Video” instructions, abide by the “Video Guidelines” and follow the general contest rules will be considered. Gender, race, religion and sexual orientation do NOT influence who is chosen as a winner.

The selected videos will then go head to head in a “people’s choice” competition. Whichever gets the most votes (aka “likes” or “thumbs up”) will win the prize. The votes for each competition are tabulated and announced on or about April 9 and April 23 consecutively.

If you are announced as a winner, send Angela a message within two (2) weeks of the announcement to claim your prize. You will need to send us your first and last name, email address and mailing address. We may ask you a few quick questions to confirm that you meet our eligibility requirements. Failing to communicate with us within the two (2) week time frame means you forfeit your prize.

Rules and Other Details:

  • Prize will be granted in the form of a gift code which will be redeemable on SMOKYLAKEMAPLE.COM ONLY and this gift code MUST be entered at the time of purchase. Hence, the gift code can NOT be redeemed on products/orders which are not featured on the website and cannot be applied toward older orders. Expiration date of the gift code will be one year from issue date.
  • Each qualifying video entry will also remain in the pool of eligible videos for the entirety of the contest. So enter early for the opportunity to be considered for both rounds of the competition.
  • It is indeed possible for NO prize to be awarded if there are no new videos submitted or if the existing videos submitted are opposed for any reason. In this scenario, the judges may choose to postpone judging in order to allow time for more entries to be submitted. So far in the history of Smoky Lake video contests, we have never had to completely cancel a week of judging and hopefully we never will.
  • If Smoky Lake Maple Products chooses a winner, but that winner is later proven to have been ineligible, Smoky Lake Maple Products reserves the right to revoke all benefits/rewards.
  • There is NO LIMIT to the quantity of videos you submit as long as the videos adhere to the Video Guidelines above. Submit as many videos as you wish. We can’t wait to see them!
  • If a video entry was created by more than one person, there is still one prize per winning video. Please choose one representative to contact Angela to claim the prize. If Angela is contacted by more than one person who was identified in the video, she will work with the first one that contacts her.
  • You will need a free YouTube and Facebook account to upload/submit the video. (See “How to Submit a Video” above.) Smoky Lake will NOT upload your video for you nor will we provide technical support for videos/social media.
  • You do NOT need fancy video equipment to create, edit or submit a video. Using a smartphone is perfectly acceptable.
  • Employees, dealers and vendors of Smoky Lake Maple Products and their immediate family members (parent, sibling, spouse or child) are NOT eligible to win.
  • By submitting a video in this contest, you are granting Smoky Lake permission to share your video with others.
  • By submitting a video in this contest, you certify that all the individuals who appear in the video have approved of appearing in your video. If there are minors in your video, you must have written consent from their legal guardians.
  • Please never put yourself or others in harms way when filming your video. Even if you did manage to pull off a crazy stunt without hurting anyone, you might still give us a heart attack. Exercise common sense and general safety.
  • By entering this promotion you agree to release and hold harmless Smoky Lake Maple Products, LLC and each of its respective employees, agents and affiliates from any and all liability for an injury, loss or damage arising from or in connection with any prize won.
  • No purchase necessary to win. Void where prohibited.
  • Smoky Lake Maple Products reserves the right to modify, clarify or otherwise update these rules at any time without notice.

Raising Money for Charity

For every eligible video submitted to the contest, Smoky Lake will make a $5 donation to the International Crane Foundation.

Mission Statement

Conserving all 15 species of cranes requires a broad commitment to the people and places essential to cranes. Since our inception in 1973, the International Crane Foundation has dramatically grown in reach and impact, while steadily developing our capacity to address the health of the landscapes that sustain not only cranes, but also people and a wealth of biological diversity.


How Did We Select This Charity?

Cranes are among the most endangered families of birds in the world, with eleven of the fifteen species currently extremely vulnerable and facing potential extinction. These birds face threats from rapid development and habitat loss, poisoning, hunting and more, and they need our help. The International Crane Foundation is giving these admirable birds a chance at survival.

The International Crane Foundation has received high marks on Charity Navigator.

Thanks for participating in this contest and, in turn, helping us support the efforts of the International Crane Foundation.