Converting Corsair From Natural Draft To Forced Draft

Yes.  The Corsair design is easily convertible from conventional draft to forced draft. The back of the Corsair firebox has a perforated knock out and mounting studs to accommodate a forced air kit.  Just remove the knock out, mount the blower and replace the steel grates with the kit’s new perforated, domed cast iron grates.

Arch comes with a perforated knock out so that you can easily upgrade to blowers at a later date.

There are 4 mounting studs and a perforated knock out on the back of the Corsair fireboxes.


The blower gets mounted on the back of the firebox

A Forced Draft Kit from Smoky Lake attaches to the studs.


Forced Draft Kit includes domed grates

Domed Cast Iron Grates are included with the Forced Draft Kit.

Forced Draft Products From Smoky Lake