How To Use Flat Filters

  1. Start by rinsing/dampening all the filters. Dampening will help start the flow of maple syrup through the filters. The filters should NOT be dripping wet because you do not want to introduce water into your syrup. Squeeze out excess water but do not wring. Next, lay the dampened base filter (made out of a material called Orlon) in the filter tray. Lay the four prefilters directly on top of the base filter. You will note that the filters form a bowl shape in the filter tray because they are larger than the floor of the tray. This prevents impurities from sneaking around the edge of the filters.
  2. Pour HOT syrup through the filters. The clean filtered syrup will collect in the basin beneath it. NOTE: Cold syrup can plug up the pores of the filters.
  3. When the top-most prefilter clogs, shimmy it out, keeping all the sediment on top of it. (Roll it up and put it aside for now.) The syrup will then flow freely through the remaining filters. When the next top-most prefilter clogs, shimmy that one out, and so on.
  4. We recommend marking the top side edge of the Orlon base filter so that you always lay it into the filter tray with the same side facing up. Otherwise, if you were to use it upside down, sediment that had been caught in the filter previously could become dislodged and flushed back out into your finished maple syrup.

Hint: You may want to use a clothes pin or binder clip to hold the filters at the corners of the filter tray. This will prevent the edges from falling into the filter tray and syrup.

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