How To Install A Feed Pan On An Evaporator Pan:

Step 1:

Confirm that the length of your Feed Pan matches the width of your evaporator pan.

Smoky Lake has two standard sizes of Feed Pans:

  • 16”-wide Feed Pans are used with our 16” x 30” pans.
  • 2′-wide Feed Pans are used with our 2′ wide evaporator pans.

Step 2:

Install the Attachment Clips. (If you are not using Attachment Clips, that’s OK. Skip to Step 3.)

The Attachment Clips are installed on the sides of the evaporator pan which have the built-in handles. The Attachment Clips should be installed facing each other – one on each side of the pan – with the flat edge facing outward. If you have a divided pan, the Attachment Clips should be on the end of the pan in which your inlet port is located.

Step 3:

Place your Feed Pan on top of the Evaporator Pan. If you are using Attachment Clips, they will “hug” the sides of the Feed Pan to keep it in place.

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